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The object of the game is to see how many random cards you can remember.

1. To start: Click the "Show Card" button

2. Study the card and try to remember the sequence of cards

3. To hide the card, Click the "Cover Card" button

4. If the cursor is not blinking, click inside of the "Enter Your Answer:" box

5. Type the cards in the correct sequence. Letters may be in upper case or lower case or a combination of upper and lower case. Type the numbers and/or letters without spaces or punctuation.


      A=Ace       J=Jack       Q=Queen       K=King

      C=Clubs       H=Hearts       S=Spades       D=Diamonds

For example: type the rank and suit
      If the card is "10 of hearts" type: 10H
      If the card is " King of clubs" type: KC

6. Click "Click for Results" button to see your score

7. If your answer was correct, then click the "Deal a New Card" button. The Answer box will clear. Go to Step # 1.

8. If your answer was wrong, then click "Click to Start a New Game"

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