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Advertising Rates

Rates: $200.00 for one year.
This fee includes a banner at the top of the page plus a watermark that is always visible to the visitor while they are reading the page. The banner and watermark will link to your web page. Only your ad (no other company's ad) will be placed on the page.
Your ad will be placed on a page that is updated frequently. Your target audience will find the page valuable and are likely to visit. Your ad will be on the same relative page at each site on the EasySurf Network.

Rates: $50.00 for one year.
This fee includes a text link and up to 25 words of description.

Rates: $300.00 for one year.
This fee is for a pop-under window. Select a web page on EasySurf. When that page is visited, your Web site will be a pop-under. Look at the bottom of the screen
Pop-under windows are less intrusive than the pop-up windows and are believed to be even more effective. The pop-under window will also appear when the EasySurf window is closed. There will only be one pop-window per EasySurf page.

The EasySurf Network
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If necessary a special interest page will be created that will target a specific audience.
No ads for Adult web sites will be accepted.
You found this web site, so will your potential customers. Make sure they are led to your web site, not your competitor's.


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