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What is the Rank and Suit of the Card?

Select the suit of the card:
clubs hearts spades diamonds

Select the Face Value or Rank of the card:
Ace 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Jack Queen King

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The object of the game is to test your ability to use Telepathy to guess the card (rank and suit) the computer has chosen.

1. The computer will select a card and display it face down

2. Guess the card (rank and suit).

3. To select a suit, click the circle to the left of your choice

4. To select a face value or rank, click the circle to the left of your choice

5. A black dot will appear in each of the selected circles

6. After you have selected the rank and suit, click "Click for Results" button to see your score
       You will see the card face up
       Trial number, number correct and your accuracy percentage

7. Click "New Card" button.
       The computer will select a new card, display it face down
       and clear your guess and results

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