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New York Live Streaming Video Cams

Brooklyn Battery Tunnel @ West Street
Church Street @ Vesey Street
Brooklyn Bridge @ Centre Street
Brooklyn Bridge Pedestrian Walk Way
FDR Drive @ Catherine Street
FDR Drive @ Old Slip
FDR Drive @ Brooklyn Bridge Exit South Bound
FDR Drive @ Brooklyn Bridge Exit North Bound
Broadway @ Chambers Street
Grand Street @ Broadway
Holland Tunnel
Bowery @ Canal Street
Baxter Street @ Canal Street
Worth Street @ Bowery
Worth Street @ Lafayette Street
Worth Street @ Broadway
2nd Avenue @ 14th Street
4th Avenue @ 14th Street Union Square
6th Avenue @ 14th Street
8th Avenue @ 14th Street
1st Avenue @ 23rd Street
2nd Avenue @ 23rd Street
3rd Avenue @ 23rd Street
Lexington Avenue @ 23rd Street
Park Avenue @ 23rd Street
5th Avenue @ 23rd Street
6th Avenue @ 23rd Street
7th Avenue @ 23rd Street
1st Avenue @ 34th Street
3rd Avenue @ 34th Street
Lexington Avenue @ 34th Street
Park Avenue @ 34th Street
Madison Avenue @ 34th Street
5th Avenue @ 34th Street
6th Avenue @ 34th Street
7th Avenue @ 34th Street
8th Avenue @ 34th Street
9th Avenue @ 34th Street
2nd Avenue @ 36th Street
Lincoln Tunnel
1st Avenue @ 42nd Street
2nd Avenue @ 42nd Street
3rd Avenue @ 42nd Street
Lexington Avenue @ 42nd Street
Madison Avenue @ 42nd Street
5th Avenue @ 42nd Street
6th Avenue @ 42nd Street
Broadway @ 42nd Street
8th Avenue @ 42nd Street
7th Avenue @ 43rd Street
Broadway @ 43rd Street - NASDAQ MarketSite Tower
Broadway @ 46th Street
2nd Avenue @ 49th Street
3rd Avenue @ 49th Street
Lexington Avenue @ 49th Street
Madison Avenue @ 49th Street
5th Avenue @ 49th Street
6th Avenue @ 49th Street
7th Avenue @ 49th Street
8th Avenue @ 49th Street
Broadway @ 51st Street
8th Avenue @ 51st Street
7th Avenue @ 57th Street
6th Avenue @ 57th Street
5th Avenue @ 57th Street
Madison Avenue @ 57th Street
Park Avenue @ 57th Street
Lexington Avenue @ 57th Street
3rd Avenue @ 57th Street
East 57th Street @ Queensboro Bridge
6th Avenue @ 58th Street
2nd Avenue @ 58th Street
Sutton Place @ 58th Street
3rd Avenue @ 59th Street
8th Avenue @ Columbus Circle
Central Park South @ Columbus Circle
Amsterdam Avenue @ 60th Street
East 63rd Street @ Queensboro Bridge
Broadway and Columbus Avenue @ 65th Street
5th Avenue @ 72nd Street
Lexington Avenue @ 72nd Street
Amsterdam Avenue @ 72nd Street
1st Avenue @ 79th Street
1st Avenue @ 86th Street
Lexington Avenue @ 86th Street
Amsterdam Avenue @ 86th Street
5th Avenue @ 96th Street
Central Park West @ 96th Street
Gowanus Expressway @ Gowanus-Prospect Interchange (5th Avenue)
Gowanus Expressway @ 63rd Street
Van Wyck Expressway South of LIE
LIE @ Midtown Tunnel
Queens Midtown Tunnel - Queens Bound
Major Deegan Expressway North of Alexander Hamilton Bridge
Cross Bronx Expressway @ East of Undercliff Avenue (GWB)
Whitestone Expressway Bridge Approach
Belt Parkway @ 68th Street
Belt Parkway @ Ocean Parkway
Belt Parkway @ Knapp Street
Belt Parkway @ Flatbush Avenue
Belt Parkway @ Paerdegat Basin Bridge
Belt Parkway @ Erskine Street
Belt Parkway @ Cross Bay Boulevard
Belt Parkway @ 134th Street
Belt Parkway @ Brookville Boulevard
Brooklyn-Queens Expressway at Brooklyn Navy Yard
Flatbush Avenue and Atlantic Avenue Barclays Center
Grand Central Parkway at 166th Street
Grand Army Plaza
Cross Island Parkway @ Throgsneck Bridge
Verrazano-Narrows Bridge @ Brooklyn Bound
Staten Island Expressway at Fingerboard Road
Staten Island Expressway at Hylan Boulevard
Staten Island Expressway at Clove Road
Staten Island Expressway at Gower Street
Staten Island Expressway at Slosson Avenue
Staten Island Expressway at Bradley Avenue
Staten Island Expressway at Wolley Avenue
Staten Island Expressway at Victory Boulevard
Staten Island Expressway at Richmond Avenue
Staten Island Expressway at Richmond Avenue
Staten Island Expressway at West Shore Expressway
Staten Island Expressway at Forest Avenue
West Shore Expressway at Edward Curry Avenue
West Shore Expressway at South Avenue
West Shore Expressway at Meredith Boulevard
West Shore Expressway at Victory Boulevard
West Shore Expressway at Arden Avenue
West Shore Expressway at Woodrow Road
West Shore Expressway at Englewood Avenue
West Shore Expressway at Bloomingdale Road - Exit 3
West Shore Expressway at Rossville Avenue - Exit 4
West Shore Expressway at Muldoon Avenue - Exit 5
Outer Bridge Crossing @ Tyrellan Avenue
MTA Bridges & Tunnels Webcams

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New York Live Cams

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Last Updated: Thursday, July 10, 2014

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